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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sunday, 17 Sept 06: Another day of sights to behold. The highlight was the Trevi Fountain, really amazing. I promise I'll get some photos up, but as it was raining, nothing I took came out very well. We checked out yet another church, Santa Maria dei Populi, where they've stashed a couple of Caravaggios on an obscure chapel's side walls. Weather continues dismal. Right now, at 5:30, a cloudburst has us trapped in our winebar...under the circs, can't feel too sad about it!

Found an English language bookstore, The Lion, on the Via dei Greci. Great place to spend a rainy afternoon but auntie clearly impatient. I picked up a couple of books for the five-hour-long train trip to Matera tomorrow.

Not many restaurants open in Rome late on Sunday, so we ended up eating Chinese (Cinese). It was really good. Who wouldda thunk it?

Read in a SI article about Pat Tillman:

Fear is what stands between a man and an extraordinary life. The surest way through it is to stare it down over and over, until that gaze becomes habit.


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